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Gospel Music

All About Community Empowerment 

Haneen Women Choir in Toronto was established in 2018 by Rahaf Alakbani with a vision to revive Arab heritage, preserve Arab identity, and empower women through the power of music. Inspired by her own experiences of harmony and empowerment through singing with other women in other projects,Their primary objective is to empower Arab women in Canada through musical and artistic expression, creating a safe and supportive space for women to come together and share their love for music. Additionally, the choir aims to offer social and emotional support to women in a positive and uplifting environment, facilitating the integration process of Arab women into Canadian society through musical and artistic programs.

The choir celebrates and revitalizes traditional Arab music, heritage, and identity, promoting cultural exchange. They recognize the importance of fostering social connections and peace through musical and artistic activities, creating opportunities for women to connect with one another and to build bridges between communities.

We have joined the Haneen Choir Network, which was founded by Rajaa Banout in Gaziantep. This network has since expanded to multiple cities across the globe, such as Antakya, Berlin, Toronto, Sweden, Oslo, California, Dortmund, Hamburg, and Helsinki.

Haneen Choir is a dynamic and inclusive community that unites women of Arab heritage and other backgrounds who share a passion for singing in Arabic. Our regular choir rehearsals and social activities create a welcoming space where members can build lasting friendships and find emotional support. Through the power of music, we strive to amplify the voices of Arab women and foster a sense of belonging for all women who join us.

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